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Who Our Courses Are Designed For


Inexperienced individuals or families who want to gain confidence in buying land & building their own home from start to finish.


Experienced contractors, tradespeople, or confident DIYers who are looking to become a home builder and confidently spec their first build for themselves or others.


Investors who want to build a specific home to sell or rent out once the build is completed.


Realtors who want to understand how to navigate the process of buying land and building, so that they can add value and help clients with land acquisition.


Mitch Cleary

As a dedicated husband and proud father of three rambunctious boys, life is always an adventure in our household. But before I stepped foot into the realm of real estate, I grew up working in the world of new home construction, thanks to our family home building business. Working in positions ranging from a hardworking labourer to crafting and framing as a skilled carpenter, I've seen it all. With each passing year, my expertise lead me into the role of a site supervisor. Scheduling, coordinating trades, and ensuring smooth operations became second nature to me.

In 2018, my wife and I bought a piece of land, and I took on the role of a general contractor to build our very own dream home. The journey was filled with gritty challenges and endless hours of sweat, but witnessing our vision come to life was beyond rewarding. That same year, I also ventured into the world of real estate as an agent here in Peterborough. It was while assisting clients that I recognized a glaring gap in knowledge and awareness when it came to purchasing vacant land and constructing homes.

Fueled by a burning determination to bridge this gap and empower others, I became a course creator and educator, which allows me the opportunity to share my expertise and help individuals and families gain the confidence and know-how to buy vacant land and construct their own homes.

Today, my unwavering commitment lies in educating and guiding ambitious owner-builders through the complexities of construction mortgages, navigating the convoluted world of land acquisition, and transforming their intricate home dreams into tangible realities. Whether you're a first-time builder eager to get your hands dirty or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, rest assured that I'll be there, every step of the way, offering unwavering support.


2023 president of

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Our Two Step Course Strategy

step 1

Builder Launch

Move From Total Beginner to Future Builder!

  • Cost to Build: Establish your rough budget and construction cost estimate in the quickest time possible.

  • Construction Loans: Get land purchase and construction loan ready!

  • Construction Options: Understand the pros and cons in all the options for getting your home built, right from hiring a custom builder, to managing the whole build yourself, and every option in between.

  • Planning For Equity: Lay out your plan for instant equity when your build is complete

  • The Build Process: Understand what the design and build process entails, and what your role will require in terms of time, energy, and skills.

  • Risk Assessment: Asses all input assumptions to from, including factors such as economics outlook to control your risk before you buy the land!

PLUS you'll be part of our exclusive online community where you can chat with other aspiring owner builders, as you work through the process together!

step 2

Builder Blueprint

Become a Land Owner, & Manage Your Own Build!

  • Design 101, so you can be confident that you're designing a budget-friendly home with usable space, and avoiding any unnecessary wasted space and additional costs.

  • How to schedule your build, so you can be confident that you won't be behind on your timeline, miss scheduling in specific trades, or be waiting on inspections to start the next step.

  • How to ensure you hire reliable trades, so you don't get left hanging with no-shows and empty pockets.

  • ​What work you can tackle yourself, and what needs to be left to the experts.

  • What your responsibility is as the owner-builder and General Contractor, so you're clear of your role, and you don't miss any steps in the process.

PLUS you'll be part of our exclusive community where you can chat with other community members in the same phase as you, ask questions to the community, meet members local to your area, and get your specific Builder Launch questions answered by Mitch and his team!


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